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Party Trays

Simply Sushi Party Trays

Simply Sushi has made it easy to have sushi at your next Big or small event!

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Office Party
  • Super Bowl
  • Dinner Party

10 rolls – chefs choice $85.00
15 rolls – chefs choice $115.00

Party trays are not available for in-house consumption.

Commonly asked questions:

What if we are new to sushi? Just tell the hostess when ordering your party tray that your fairly new and we can include all cooked rolls or all cooked ingredients, nothing raw.

What is chef’s choice? Chef’s choice is just what it sounds like, we will put half of our long rolls and half of our Deluxe Dinner long rolls on your tray. The chef will select different rolls to make a nice looking tray. When placing the order you can say I don’t like avocado or make sure you put a certain favorite roll in. This is not for custom rolls or hand selecting all your rolls this is to get a good deal. If you are very picky we will be happy to accommodate your order but it will just be the per roll pricing. Party trays are designed to be a great deal!

How much notice do we need? It depends, 1 or 2 trays call in the morning of should be fine. 20 trays for your wedding give us a few days so we can staff to have your trays ready on time.

What comes with my party tray? Tell us the number of chop sticks, napkins and soy sauce needed, ginger and wasabi will be given in a ball and you will have to portion. Plates and serving utensils are not included.

How do I order? Call the location near you and tell the hostess answering you want to order a party tray. You will need to pay for your order when placing it. Also have a pick-up time in mind.

How many party platters should I order? This also depends on how much your groups going to eat, A rule of thumb, for dinner you can figure between 2 and 4 rolls per person, appetizers’ 4 or 5 pieces. This all depends very much on the group. A University football team is going to put away allot more than a 4th grade birthday party. Give us a call and we can help you figure out how much to order.

How long will it hold? Well, fresh is best when it comes to sushi! So plan on serving within the hour and cold holding no more than 4 for the freshest.